Covid-19 has impacted not only human life but every profession in a major way. The biggest of these being :PHYSICAL DISTANCING , YES, NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING !!

Where COVID-19 has come as a TRANSITION PHASE, Hotel Industry too needs to Update their ways of executing Standard Operations, post the Lockdown is lifted.

Here are certain guidelines that Hotel Industry can adopt for GUEST SAFETY, right before CHECK-In to CHECK-OUT:


“NAMASTE” which is Indian Greeting has now become the Global Greeting & has been adopted Worldwide in this Covid-19 pandemic. To maintain Physical distancing guests should be greeted with NAMASTE.


  • Hotels Drivers must wear Protective Gears like: masks & gloves.
  • Cars should be disinfected post each arrival.
  • Seats should be covered with disposable /temporary covers.
  • The Guest Instruction Booklet should be placed at the back seat and it should have information about all the steps that the Hotel is taking for guest safety & sanitization. It should also cover information about hotel’soprrational rules sfor housekeeping, laundry, room service, food service , restaurant, bar,etc.

  • Mandatory temperature checks right at entrance should be done.
  • Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6*F should be politely asked to return or guided to the nearest hospital/ medical facility.
  • Guests luggage must be disinfected.
  • If required/ if not wearing , guests must be provided with masks.
  • If the guest is arriving from a restricted country / region, ensure that you have complete information from the guest upfront before arrival or at the time of reservation.
  • In case of pre-booked Guests, all check-in formalities should be completed online. This will reduce that contact & time at the Front Office.
  • Guests must be given safety, hygiene & other instructions as per new SOPs.
  • At Front Office, ensure Floor markings to maintain Physical Distancing.
  • Entire Staff of Front Office staff must wear masks & gloves.
  • Sanitizers for guests must be kept at the Front Office.
  • All equipment, papers & pens of the Front Office must be sanitized.
  • Swabs must be kept at the Front office which guests can use to sanitize & clean their phones & credit cards.
  • Safety Instructions must include the number of guests allowed at one time , in the elevator. This should be easily visible. Apologize for the inconvenience caused to guests due to new safety rules.
  • There should be markings with directions on the elevator’s floor, so that guests maintain physical distance and do not face each other.
  • Elevator floor buttons must be regularly sanitized. Hand sanitizers dispensers must be installed in the elevators.
  • Easily visible signages with information on sanitization should be placed.
  • Due to Physical distancing rules, allot alternate rooms or leave two rooms vacant in-between, based on occupancy levels.
  • Guests must be informed how rooms are sanitized at regular intervals. All touch points in the room should have a tent card or a post to say “it has been sanitized.”
  • Entire housekeeping associates on the floor must wear safety gear.
  • Sanitizers should be kept at regular intervals on the floor and small dispensers in the rooms.
  • Guests should be provided e-papers instead of regular newspapers.
  • Laundry,room service instructions should be available in the room as per new instructions.
  • To facilitate minimal contact, room linen to be changed once in two days or only on request. Turn down services too should be stopped.
  • To maintain physical distancing rules, reduce the number of tables.
  • Sitting of tables to be reduced to half of capacity.
  • Arrival instructions should explain to guests that they should come to the restaurants only when the table is available, to avoid crowding.
  • Buffets should be avoided and “A-la carté” should be encouraged.
  • Staff must be trained for minimal contact/communication during service
  • Associates must wear safety gear
  • Use disposable napkins.
  • Keep sanitizers for guests to use
  • Keep swabs which guests can use to sanitize their phones or credit-cards

8. POOL, GYM & SPA :
  • Keep these areas closed till advised to open, as per government norms.
  • Suggest alternate options(open parks or walks) which maybe safer.
  • Include Yoga sessions / Health channels in the morning for guests to follow.
  • Enough space should be kept between work-desks.
  • Limit the number of guests allowed.
  • Disinfect each desk and equipment after the guest has moved out.
  • Keep enough space between tables and chairs.
  • Limit the number of guests allowed.
  • Disinfect each desk and equipment after the guest has moved out.
  • Whenever possible use e-check out by emailing the bill and accepting online payments.
  • If it is getting over crowded, create a additional area.
  • Advice the guest to inform their check out plans in advance so that the bills can be kept ready.
  • Put floor markers as in case of Check-in.
  • Provide sanitizers and other swabs in case the guest needs.
  • All indoor areas of the hotel like entrance, lobbies, corridors , staircases , escalators, elevators, security guard booths, office rooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria should mopped with disinfectant.
  • For all metallic surfaces like door handles , locks ,keys etc. 70% alcohol can be used where bleach cannot be used.
  • Hotels must refer to WHO guideline or local state and central govt. health authorities for additional information for appropriate disinfectants.
Posted On:
03 March 2020

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