Covid19 pandemic: What has it taught hoteliers? Coping with effects of unemployment

What has happened during the past few months of the ongoing Covid19 global pandemic has certainly been tough on each & every profession.
A sense of despair has been shadowing the hospitality & travel industry too at large. Like any other industry, job losses & pay cuts are certain major areas of concern. Adding to this comes the well being: both Mental & Physical of each one, including one's family members.

Covid19 pandemic has brought a big setback to everyone's lives & earnings. While not a single person across the board has remained untouched, the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. A recent Mckinsey report suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023—or later.

It certainly is not easy for any hotelier, like any other professional working in their respective professions, to put across the brave front. Amongst this ongoing new normal though hoteliers are braving up to work behind those masks, sanitized environs, extending the warmth to the handful of guests coming over.

There are certain Learning’s & practices on Mental Health & self care that not only hoteliers but all must embrace for renewal:

Be Thankful:

Though this sounds cliché, but it’s benefits are abundant. When emotions loom our thoughts & nothing seems right , it is so important to practice this small healthy trick and realize how many blessings are there in your life to be thankful for. Like: good health, time at hands to spend with your family & kids & so on.

Create meaningful Bonds:

What can be more nourishing than building connections & bonds with the ones who matter to us. Utilize this time to connect with those valuable relations, people or even your hobbies for which you never found time.

Adopting mindfulness:

To many this may sound obsolete. But, being & living in the present moment is a great step towards self care & positive mental health. We all got used to doing things in auto mode or multitasking. By being mindful, we slow down & can appreciate the power of the present moment. It is a great tool of grounding exercise.

Enhance your skills:

Make use of this time that you have to enhance and upgrade your skills. HAYES IHM offers a variety of short term certificate courses, diplomas and degree programs which help you fast track your career in the field of Hospitality and Management.

Meditation & Breathing Exercises:

Pranayam , how many times we all have heard about it. But, never value or get time to practice it. It again is a wonderful way to calm our mind, relieve anxiety & stress. By following breathing exercises & meditation, even for 10 minutes a day, proves to be a big leap towards your mental health & peace.

Ask for Help:

All companies have certain great programs for employees' well being and if you’re a business owner look for tips on effective hotel operations. We must learn to seek help from them or from our close & trusted family members & even trained therapists to understand how to deal with such stressful times. And, more important is to understand that you will not be taken as a failure or weak personality if you want to share your anxieties, issues or stress. Remember, it takes a lot of courage to speak about one's feelings. By talking to the right set of people /person you can take the situation in our control. Before situations overpower you.

Well, let’s not forget that “nothing stays forever.”
Let’s remember the power of this phrase:

New Normal is a step towards that. Behind those Masks: Let’s always keep our Compassion, Positivity, Never to Give-Up Spirit & Kindness in our hearts alive: not only for others but for ourselves too.

Posted On:
30 August, 2020

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