10 reasons Why you must Choose a Career in Hospitality

The world of hospitality is vibrant, lively, and always interesting. If you're not already working in the industry, here's why you should be.

Listed here are ten of the major reasons why you should pursue a career in hospitality. In the Hospitality Industry more than y readmore...

Posted on: 16 September, 2020

Upgrade your career: How to become a better Hotel Manager in a post-COVID 19 world

The covid19 pandemic has been indeed tough on everyone. Unprecedented economic downfall leading to job loss and pay cuts is estimated by industry experts.
To ease the damage done by extended periods of lockdowns, the governments of various countries have already started announc readmore...

Posted on: 08 September, 2020

Skills needed for a career in Hospitality Industry

What are those set of Qualities & Skills that steer smooth your journey from a student to the most suitable candidate in Hospitality industry. Let’s understand the Hospitality management skills & focus our energies in building the same.
Technical skills in Hospitality management readmore...

Posted on: 01 September, 2020

Covid19 pandemic: What has it taught hoteliers? Coping with effects of unemployment

What has happened during the past few months of the ongoing Covid19 global pandemic has certainly been tough on each & every profession.
A sense of despair has been shadowing the hospitality & travel industry too at large. Like any other industry, job losses & pay cuts are ce readmore...

Posted on: 30 August, 2020

COVID-19: What will it take for a revival of the Hospitality industry

Globally, many experts and foreign agencies are taking the stand that the coronavirus pandemic is the most challenging crisis the world has faced since the Second World War.
This has caused an unpredictable market crisis ever witnessed. Undoubtedly, the hardest-h readmore...

Posted on: 25 August, 2020


Covid-19 has impacted not only human life but every profession in a major way. The biggest of these being :PHYSICAL DISTANCING , YES, NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING !!
Where COVID-19 has come as a TRANSITION PHASE, Hotel Industry too needs to Update their ways of executing Standard Opera readmore...

Posted on: 03 March, 2020

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