Sona Luthra Narang
Managing Director

A Practicing Psychologist by qualification and a qualified Style Coach from the World Style Coaching Academy from London, UK, Sona has over 18 years of work experience in Psychology, Counseling, Aviation industry, hospitality industry, training, and persona enhancement.

Sona stands as a byword for ELEGANCE, EXCELLENCE, AND EMANCIPATION: The keywords of the Hospitality Industry. Graceful and resourceful; commanding yet compassionate, with her able administration, HAYES IHM is growing in stature and fast becoming a name in Hospitality Education.

With her incredible motivational skills, personality management abilities, she has been a mentor to many students. Her forte lies in highlighting the potentials of students & guiding them to achieve their dreams. She is an inspiration, guide and an able administrator who leads her team from the front, raising the standards at every level in the quest for excellence.

Sona strongly believes that each individual is unique with a 'cache' of talent and ability to become successful. Her mantra for success is that it's our attitude more than our Aptitude that decides the altitude of our lives.

Hence, the role of a mentor comes here who acts like a “Lighthouse” in one's quest for perfection. She opines that “the true measure of a person is not based on what they have but on what they are.”

Industrial Training Tie-Ups & Placements with leading Hospitality Chains are the strengths of her professional acumen.


Welcome to HAYES IHM – A grand learning playground for aspiring hoteliers.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Echoing Aristotle's words and sentiments: HAYES Education [i.e. Hospitality and You Education Services] was founded in the year 2009 with a mission to create stellar success stories and a mantra-“Ladies & Gentlemen training to serve Ladies & Gentlemen.” (Inspired By Ritz Carlton.)

As a leading provider of quality education, HAYES IHM has come to play a unique and powerful role in transforming students' lives across India. Our Industry approved professional diploma courses have helped land dream jobs, launch careers and boost confidence.

Our students took a leap of faith with us and emerged as winners. If you go through the testimonials you will find that their lives are not too different from yours.

That with a little effort and little help, you too can be the NEXT BIG SUCCESS STORY.

HAYES IHM is a close-knit small scale college where everyone knows everyone else. This creates an intimate and interesting learning atmosphere. During the course, our students study independently as well as in small groups involving tasks like assignments, project work, practical management skills along with theoretical sessions in the classroom training.

We strongly believe that a Hotel Management Course without a training Hotel is like trying to become a Doctor without a hospital. Hence, at HAYES IHM besides theory classes we, provide practical exposure not only in our On-Campus 5-Start Hotel ITC BELLA VISTA but, also with leading 5-star Hotel Chains across the length and breadth of the country.

We also send our students ABROAD on PAID INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS to countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Bangkok & Germany.

This Professional experience is the key feature of HAYES IHM. These practical exposures with leading 5-star and 4-star Hotels Chains Pan India along with International Paid Internship Programs globally, form the most unique proposition of our course pattern. All our students discover during the course that the opportunity to work in a hotel, resort or restaurant during their study becomes the springboard to future employment on completion of their course.

Our faculty members are recognized experts in hospitality management & education. The dedication to research and our personal commitment to students are what make our teaching stand out.

Our curriculum is further strengthened through the close bonds we maintain with the Industry leaders.

We welcome you once again to the abundance of opportunities waiting to be claimed.

“I shall be looking forward to welcoming you on becoming HAYESites!”

Sona Luthra Narang
Managing Director

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