Education from Hayes Institute of Hotel Management provides you with a passport to the world through it’s international standard of qualification and courses.

At HAYES IHM we are committed to provide you leading learning experiences both in Class rooms & in Real World exposures by our well -integrated internship programs with leading hospitality chains India & globally.

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Aviation are major employers of young talent globally. We understand their requisites very well.

Our training methodology is based on the key aspects of providing balanced Class Rooms & Internships exposures. so that you are aptly skilled to become EMPLOYABLE– not just Qualified. The teaching methods at HAYES IHM make you well conversant with the subject knowledge, confident, versatile, flexible and adaptable.

Benefits of our
Exclusive Industry

At HAYES IHM, we aim to aptly build the professional skills of our students so that you become EMPLOYABLE– and not just Qualified.

Our association with some of the leading names of Hospitality Industry will provide you numerous benefits and opportunities of internships and placements. You will not just get knowledge through best trainers in the but, also will build up your professional knowledge and skills through these internships with leading brands.

"Hayes IHM welcomes you to its dynamic
world where we produce - "Achievers"

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