The reasons why should females join the hospitality profession are abundant. When it’s said that the Hospitality Industry Is the world’s biggest employer: it needs both females & males as its team members. This industry offers not only highly rewarding and satisfying jobs, but, also provides glamorous and respectful job profiles. It offers a great lifestyle and vast opportunities for career growth not only in hotels but in various other areas of the service industry. It provides financial independence that makes a girl self-reliant.

Females by nature are soft-spoken, dedicated, charming, having a passion for decorating their environs, taking care of family and friends and enjoy cooking. These virtues fetch them a perfect career ground in Hospitality Industry.

Tanushree Paul

Thw Lalit Great Easter Kolkata

Ms Shirin Batliwala

She was G.M. of Taj Mumbai

Chef Amrita Raichand

Chef Anhita Dhondy

Sona Luthra Narang

Psychologist & Style Coach.

The added strengths of females that provide them an edge over others in hospitality are their qualities like patience, concern for others wellbeing, tolerance, devotion, sincerity and an eye of details.

A career in Hospitality is multifaceted. A female Hospitality professional has got a choice of various other career options that she can pick up. She can become a good hospitality educator, trainer, air hostess, airport ground duty executive, human resource manager, training manager, event planner, hospitality sales & revenue manager or even an Entrepreneur in her varying career span.

Above all, this is a profession that provides every female a fantastic strength to evolve as a complete person who possesses an abundance of social grace, elegant appearance, art of grooming, mannerisms, social graces and confidence besides giving her financial stability.

Hospitality Education & Women Blend Well. It’s a treat to see that Ladies of HAYES IHM have been getting well settled in their Career.

Education in Hospitality empowers women to achieve their goals beautifully. They earn while doing what they enjoy the most.

Cheers to The Spirit of Womanhood.

Sona Luthra Narang
Psychologist & Style Coach.
Managing Director

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